I am Margaret.



I started this project to document my journey through yoga teacher training, but then that ended and now I just write whatever I want. I focus mostly on healthy living, yoga, travel, and my life. I express myself in .gif form at an expert level.

brad pitt hair flip.
Every. Damn. Day.


I drop the occasional f-bomb. I cry when I feel like it. I lift heavy weights and run on trails. I don’t shy away from personal, gritty details… because I prefer to just lay it all out there, without pretense. I appreciate candor in others, so I try to keep it real myself.

I get pretty long-winded, so I’ll try to include enough pictures to keep things entertaining.

2014-10-29 14.47.09



Feel free to ask me anything!


  1. Hey would love to include a link to your site on mine. Let me know if you might be interested! Checked out your blog and love it!!


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